Terms & Conditions

Our terms and Conditions:

Dear visitors, we request you to go through the terms and conditions of our company before booking a trip with us. We would be grateful to serve you so feel free to contact us directly or via mail 24*7 if you have any queries.

We really respect your privacy. Your information will be treated confidentially. Plans for trips on the website are defined by HIMALAYAN DIAMOND PVT. LTD. Hope the following terms and conditions would be acceptable for you.

Keep in mind before planning a trip:

Health and Fitness: Perfectly fit mental and physical health is must for any of the trip. We recommend that you consult with a doctor before any adventurous activities or plan a trip.

Passport and Visa: All the personal documents and papers should be carried for the procedure of visa and necessary permits. You need to complete all the formality; we are not responsible for the trip formality not completed due to incomplete paper.

Travel Insurance: You need to purchase a travel insurance package in case of medical issue, natural calamity, personal accident, emergency evacuation or trip cancellation.

We will not be responsible for the security of your personal luggage or property at your own risk. During the trek you have to follow your guide and their command.

If you need some supplement change like change in accommodation and so on, you will be responsible for that.

Company will not be responsible for the delay due to weather conditions resulting in any changes in flight schedule.

NOTE: If you change any route of trip or you boycott from the trip before reaching destination with your own decision without any contact to the company or informing the responsible person (guide and team members) then the company will not be liable for any incident thereafter. You will be responsible at your own for any type of risks and situations.

Booking a trip:

You are requested to plan a trip carefully after reviewing our itinerary plan, budget and time span. You need to book a trip by early reservation and make 25% of payment for booking. Rest of the payment should be completed after arrival in Nepal.

Payment method:

We accept Bank Cheque, Visa or Mastercard, wire transfer and western Union transfer too. We will accept cash currencies: US Dollar, Euro, Pound, Japanese Yen, Hong Kong Dollar, Australian Dollar, Singapore Dollar, extra.

If you make a payment by cash then make sure to get a receipt from the person or company to whom you paid. Take personal identity, stamp of company and signature of receiver for surety of payment otherwise we will not be responsible.

Payment gateway: VISA card, Master Card, Maestro card and wire transfer are accepted so are preferred as credit cards.

NOTE: Bank charges will be your liability while making payments with credit cards.

Bank Details:

Himalayan Bank Ltd.


A/C: 019 08 64 46 700 18


Current Account USD



Prices quoted are subject to change as per the change in exchange rates, unavoidable circumstances like climatic change, flight cancellation, internal political situation, etc. However, there are no hidden costs.

Change/Delay in Program:

Sometime due to unavoidable circumstances like bad weather, political crisis, landslides, health illness, natural disasters, which are beyond human control may occur, in that case, we will be happy to refer you to an alternative trip for the same price that suits you.

Cancellation & Refunds:

Cancellation time and refund policy are as follow:

If you cancel 31 days or a month before commencement of the trip, a 100% amount is refundable.

If you cancel 2 to 3 weeks before the departure date, 50% of the total amount is refundable.

If you cancel 2 weeks before the commencement of the trip, 25% of the total amount is refundable.

If you cancel less than a week before the commencement of the trip then, there will be no refund.

Amendments and transfer of booking trip to another:

We have the option that you can change your trip or date but, you have to inform us early. However, if the amendments include any additional costs for the trip that should be paid by you. We will try our best to arrange and alter the program with a similar or another alternative to suit your requirements.


If you have any complaints during the trip, you can inform your tour leader or guide immediately or at the office after completion of the trip. The management will try best to look into the matter and take action accordingly.

Privacy Policy:

Himalayan Diamond Adventure always respects the privacy of every individual. We ensure collection of the personal details and information only for official uses, we will not use your details for illegal purpose, the information provided by individuals will not be shared, published or modified without the individual consent.

We Himalayan Diamond Adventure always keep in mind the safety, comfort, and privacy of our all guests.

Rules applied to drone pilots in Nepal:

In Nepal, you need approval from the civil aviation authority when taking Aerial photographs. However, according to the experience of several readers, this permission is rarely granted to foreigners. Those flying illegally risk arrest or massive fines. That’s why we advise against starting your drone without permission.

Please feel free to make a contact for any queries and communication. We are always happy to help you and work for you. Make a great experience with Himalayan Diamond Adventure.