Currency Needed To Pay Out During Travel

If you are traveling to Nepal then you need the Nepali currency in Nepal, the Nepalese Rupee (NPR) and the option to bring cash or a bank card to exchange or withdraw US dollars or Nepalese Rupees from ATM machines.

The official currency of Nepal is the Nepalese Rupee (NPR). Visitors to Nepal can bring cash, bank cards, or a combination of both, as ATM machines are widely available in most large towns, cities, and hotels. It is important to note that Scottish and Northern Ireland bank notes are not accepted in Nepal. Additionally, when entering Nepal, travelers must declare any amount of currency exceeding $5,000 in bank notes or $10,000 in notes and travelers' cheques combined on the Customs Declaration form. When leaving the country, travelers must present the receipt for the currency exchange made upon entry to Nepal in order to convert Nepali Rupees back to foreign currency at the airport.