About Us

We, Himalayan Diamond Adventure are registered with the Department of Tourism, Government of Nepal. All of our team members have traversed every corner of Nepal from Terai to the great Himalayas. We have escorted numerous dreams to their destination in the extremely isolated regions of Nepal.

We know, “If you talk to someone in their own language, that will go straight to their heart”, therefore, not being native to one language, we have tried our best to go beyond the limit and learned other languages like English, Spanish, French to ensure there are no communication issues with our guests.

We are based on the outdoor adventure activities including Trekking, Hiking, Peak Climbing, Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Expeditions, Historical tours, Motor Cycling tours, Cycling tours, Jungle Safaris, Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Mountain flights, Helicopter tour, Paragliding, Hot air balloon service, etcetera. We endeavour to give our guests the best hospitality and a lifetime experience with us.

Our Values:

We are a highly professional and responsible Tour & Adventure Company that carries out all the adventurous trips in Nepal. Our business is a focus to coordinate trekking and holiday trips for visitors all around the world. We believe in long term relationships with our guests as well as tour companies around the world to provide the best experience and satisfaction to our guests. We always strive to exchange business ideas with other companies to make better and sustainable tourism in Nepal. We focus to design a customizable package for our guests to meet their all requirements. We are a highly customer-oriented business and our guest safety and happiness are our main motto.

Our Mission & Vision:

Himalayan Diamond Adventure has gained its reputation on a proven ability to present genuine service in the tourism industry. From day one, we have worked hard to maintain our quality of service. We always look beyond the typical trails to provide itineraries that include secluded trails, picturesque valleys, and stunning landscapes in the Himalayas. We make sure that, we always take our guests close enough to the locals so that they can understand their lifestyle, culture, and tradition wherever we take them.

 We believe that travelling is not only about visiting new places rather it's about getting indulged in that place. We make sure to provide our guests with the perfect balance of sightseeing and interaction with the locals. We have made a strong network with the guides and locals in the entire country to provide a quality service.

Our Goals:

Our main goal is to provide our guests with an experience that they will never forget. We want our guests not only to see the views but also to comprehend the hardships, courage, and history behind those views. We offer a wide range of fully escorted trips in the Himalayas. We have something for everyone either you are travelling in the peak season or off-season. For us, “Traveling is not about comfort rather than it’s about movement outside of the comfort zone.”