Mustang Region

The Upper Mustang Trek is a journey to the "forbidden rural municipality of Lo Manthang" located in the Trans Himalaya of Nepal, high up in the arid Kali Gandaki Province and Mustang district. Lo Manthang is a small medieval kingdom in almost desert-like valleys of Upper Mustang. The walled city of Lo Manthang, ancient caves, medieval villages, and arid valleys make the Upper Mustang Trek a truly unique and different experience than other treks in Nepal. Along the trek, settlements appear every now and then as oasis in the barren and almost colorless valleys of Mustang, providing a stunning sight for trekkers. Equally fascinating are the gorges and extraordinarily colorful steep cliff walls seen almost every day on the trek. Old ruins and forts scattered towards the end of the valley, with huge monasteries, provide another highlight of the Upper Mustang Trek. This trek offers a glimpse into the rich culture, history and the way of life of the local people of Mustang.

Upper Mustang Cycling Tour
USD 2699

Upper Mustang Cycling Tour

Duration: 19 Days 1 Reviews
Upper Mustang - China border’ Motor Biking tour
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