Fact Information

14 Days
Moderate difficult
Hotel & Lodges
Tourist Bus, Car, Jeep, Air-plane
BLD (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
Max Person
Min Person
Maximum altitude.
[5,416m/ 17,769 ft]
Best season
Autumn & Spring

About Trip

“An aura nature, astonishing culture and feel of paradise, what one is expecting/ asking for……”

The Annapurna area was opened to foreign trekkers in 1977 after the disputes between CIA backed Khampa guerrillas operating form the area into Tibet, and the local public and Nepal army were settled. The original trek started to form the market town of Dhumre situated at the Kathmandu - Pokhara highway and ended in Pokhara, and took about 23 days to complete. Road construction started in the early eighties both from Dhumre to the north and from Pokhara to the west and then up the Kali Gandaki valley. The road has now reached Manang on the Marsyangdi river valley and all the way to Muktinath on the Kali Gandaki side. This means that out of the original 23 days only 5 walking days of the trek is still without a motor road. It is apparent that there will be a road around the whole of Annapurna Massif before 2017. In places, new trails and routes have been marked so that the road can be partly avoided. The existence of the road has nevertheless totally changed the area and the appearance and the atmosphere of the villages. Please note that this Annapurna circuit trekking itinerary is only for guidelines so this trip can be personalized as per your requirement.

Introduction of Trail:

The classic 14 days Annapurna Circuit Trekking also very famous as Annapurna round trek via Throng La Pass 5,416 meters (17,769ft), Trek; has long been so admired in the middle of trekkers/ hikers.  The area is considered to be one of the world’s finest trek. Annapurna Massif range of central Nepal with the total length of the route varies between 160-230 kilometers (100-145 miters), depending on where the motor transportation is used and where the trek is ended. The trek rises to an altitude of 5,416 meters (17,769ft), on the Thorung La pass, touching the edge of the Tibetan plateau. Annapurna circuit trekking route crosses two different River valleys and encircles the Annapurna massif, crossing Thorung La Pass 5,416 meters (17,769 ft), the highest pass on this trail. Basically all trekkers hike the route counter-clockwise, as then the daily altitude gain is slower and crossing the high Thorong La pass is easier and safer.

The Mountain scenery, seen at close quarters includes the glowing white snow-capped Annapurna massif (Annapurna I-IV, Gangapurna 7,455 meters (24,458ft) and Tilicho Peak 7,134 meters (23,405ft). Dhaulagiri 8,167 meters (26,794ft) and Manasalu 8,163 meters (26’781ft), several other peaks of 6,000 meters to 8,000 meters in elevation rise from the Annapurna range. Now from recent years, the trek starts from Chame (a head quarter of Manang district in the Marshyangdi River valley and concludes in the Kali Gandaki River valley. Besisahar can be reached after a 6 to 7 hour of drive from Kathmandu. And jeep ride to Chame is available in the dry season and taking jeep from Besisahar to Chame shortens the trip so this trek can be done within 8 to 9 days if you are a good walker in the Mountain. The trail passes along paddy fields and into subtropical forests, several waterfalls and gigantic cliffs, and various villages. Annapurna Circuit has often been voted as the best long-distance trek in the world, as it combined, in its old full form, a wide variety of climate zones from tropics at 600 meters altitude sea level to the arctic at [5,416 meters/17,769ft], altitude sea level at the Thorong La pass and cultural variety from Hindu villages at the low foothills to the Tibetan culture of Himalayan Manang Valley and lower Mustang. Continuing construction of a road has greatly shortened the trail and altered the feel of the villages, so the "best trek in the world" cannot be said to hold true anymore but still one can fully enjoy this trip.

Trip Highlights


We serve you 3 times meals in a day with drinks like tea, coffee, and juice. We have an open Menu, which means the client can choose any dish as they like from the menu cards or the client can ask a guide for particular hygienic meals.

In the breakfast hour:

We serve our distinguished clients or new guest as per their choice. You can get plain toast/ French toast/ Chapati bread/ Tibetan bread/ Vegetable omelet/ Cheese omelets/ Scrambled egg/ Fry  eggs/ Boiled Eggs/ Vegetable fried potato/ Veg fry Potatoes cheese top/ jam, honey & butter with any Breads/ Rice pudding/ Rice porridge/ Oat porridge with fruits/ Uuesli porridge with hot drinks

In the lunch hour: 

We serve you fresh vegetable items or meat items such as Egg fried Rice/ Vegetables, Egg, and Cheese fry Rice/ Meat fry Rice/ Egg, Vegetable fry Noodle/ Meat fry Noodle/ Noodle soup with Meat/ Veg Noodle soup/ Vegetable curry Rice/ Meat curry Rice/ Vegetables, Egg fry Potatoes/ Vegetable fry Potatoes with cheese top/ Spaghetti with vegetable cheese/ Pasta with Vegetables, Egg Cheese top/ Finger chips, roasted Potatoes with hot sauce/ Vegetable spring rolls/ Sandwiches/ pizza/ Burger/ MoMo/ Fry Vegetable/ Dal Bhat set/ Meat curry Rice/ Chicken curry Rice/ Mutton curry Rice/ Soup items/ Fresh fruits with hot drinks.

In the dinner hour:

Soup items with snacks/ Dal Bhat set vegetarian/ Dal Bhat set non-vegetarian/ Chicken curry rice/ Mutton curry rice/ Yak curry rice/ Vegetable curry rice/ Yak steak/ Paper steak/ Yak burgers/ Sandwiches/ Pizza/ MoMoitems/ Fry Vegetables/ Fresh fruits with hot drinks.
































Outlined Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu [1,350 meters/4,429ft], transfer to Hotel.

Day 02: Sightseeing of the UNESCO world heritage sites.

Day 03: Drive to Chame [2,670 meters/8,760ft] about 250km, 11 to 12hrs.

Day 04: Trek to Pisang village [3,200 meters/10,498ft] 4 hours.

Day 05: Trek to Manang [3,540 meters/11,614ft)] 9 hours.

Day 06: Acclimatization day in Manang with a wonderful side trips.

Day 07: Trek to Chuli Ledar [4,200 meters/13,779ft] 5 hours.

Day 08: Trek to Thorong High Camp [4,925 meters/16,158ft] 4 hours.

 Day 09: Thorong La pass [5,416m/17,769ft] descend to Muktinath [3,760m/12,335ft]

Day 10: Trek to Jomsom [2,720 meters/8,923ft] 7 hours.

Day 11: Fly Jomsom to Pokhara [820 meters/2,690ft] transfer to Hotel.

Day 12: Sightseeing around Pokhara valley.

Day 13: Drive back to Kathmandu [1,350 meters/4,429ft] 6 hours.

Day 14: Departure to Home.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu 1,350 meters (4,429ft) transfer to tourist in standard Hotel by tourist bus or in car (included refreshment service):

Flying to Kathmandu itself is an exciting and memorable experience as you will enjoy exotic panoramic view of snow-capped Himalaya ranges and peaks before your landing In Tribhuvan International airport. The representative from Himalayan Diamond Adventure will have reached there to welcome you. After landing your aircraft, we come to pick you up with our welcome greetings. Collecting your luggage, we drop you off to Hotel. You will have welcome dinner in Nepali cultural dance restaurant with your guide’s briefing about the day program tomorrow.  The hotel service includes bed and breakfast.

Day 02: Full day Sightseeing of the UNESCO world heritage sites Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur valley 1,350 meters (4,429ft) with tour guide:

Kathmandu, being a (UNESCO world heritage sites), historical and cultural centre of Nepal, is a popular destination for tourists. The city presents a wonderful religious influence of Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism and historical liveliness in the Valley. Patan and Bhaktapur are its two major neighboring cities which bear immense historical, cultural and religious significance. There will be a half day guided tour to the famous and greatest sites i.e. Hindu shrine - Pasupatinath temple, the largest Buddhist stupa in town- Boudhanath, the 15th century palace of 55 windows in Bhaktapur and Soyambhunath stupa in kathmandu. In the evening, you will be met for trip introduction session which you are starting from the following day.

Day 03: A scenic bus journey to Chame 2,670 meters (8,760ft), about 250 kilometers, 11 to 12 hours. Stay in lodge:

Today- we take a scenic bus ride from kathmandu  through Besishahar to Chame, the head quarter of Manang district 250 kilometers, 11 to 12 hours’ journey by tourist bus plus in Jeep. We will have a thrilling bus journey, while driving along the road, we can have a stunning Mountain terrain views towards us, such as Ganesh Himal range, Buadha Himal, Rani peak, group of Himalachuli, Ngadichuli and Manasalu flowing down many white rivers and tributaries, green hills, the farmers’ cultivated terraced lands and villages. Overnight in Lodge included dinner and breakfast with hot drink service.

Day 04: Our first trekking set starts to Pisang village 3,200 meters (10,498ft), 4 hours of comforting walk. Overnight in lodge:

From Chame, we have two options to get Pisang Tibetan Buddhist inhabited settlement, walking along the newly opened road or by Jeep on the same motor able road. If we take a Jeep, we reach there within 30 to 45 minutes and on foot- it takes 4 hours. Our trail passes on leaving trees line and gradually ascents with snow-view line. After checking in room in Pisang Village, we hike to upper Pisang to gain altitude. As you trek to upper Pisang on your back, you can have fascinating views of Annapurna II- 7,937 meters (26,040ft), Annapurna IV- 7,525 meters (24,688ft), and Annapurna III- 7,555 meters (24,786ft). Today we spend overnight in lodge including dinner and breakfast service.

Day 05: Trek to Manang 3,540 meters (11,614ft), along the upper viewing way, 9 hours of soothing trail. Stay at lodge:

Manang Tibetan Gurung village is today’s destination through upper panoramic trail, like isolated peaceful villages, (Ghyaru, Ngawal and Chulu ). After crossing a suspension bridge in Pisang over Marsyandi River, our trip climbs to Ghyaru (Tibetan primitive village).  That offers superb views of Pisang valley backwards and Majestic views of Annapurna II and thoroughly Annapurna IV, Annapurna III, Gangapurna and Tilicho. The whole day we will have superb views of Annapurna Himalaya chain with Buddhist Stupas, Buddhist Mani wall and Monasteries. Overnight at Lodge included dinner and breakfast service.

Day 06: Acclimatization day in Manang with a wonderful side trips, Milarepa cave, Ice Lake and Gangapurna Lake Deurali. Overnight in lodge:

Today we explore some interesting places around Manang valley. We start to hike up crossing Marshyangdi River to visit wonderful Gangapurna Lake and hike up to Deurali approximately 4,200 meters (13,779ft) for magnificent views of Chulu west peak and Chulu east, Manang Himal is nick name of these grouping peaks. And there are another side trips like Milarepa Cave and Ice Lake are fabulous. Especially we recommend you to hike up to Ice Lake for the captivating Mountain panoramic views and gain altitude. As you hike to Ice Lake to gain altitude you will notice marked substantial view of Manang and Tilicho valley and chain Annapurna Himalaya. We stay in same lodge with as usual service.

Day 07: Trek to Chuli Ledar 4,200 meters (13,779ft), 5 hours gently uphill trail. Stay at lodge:

After leaving the large Tibetan Gurung Manang village, the past permanently inhabited village, the trail gradually goes up-hill  to Tengki Manang, that offers a fine views back-towards Manang village, Marsyandi river and Gangapurna greenish-blue Lake  and then continues to climb out of the Marsyandi River valley to Chuli ledar lodge passing the Yak kharka (summer Yak grazing lands). Today will have a stunning view of our back towards, Annapurna range beyond the Manang Himal. Especially this valley is flourished at the beginning of August to the late September. While you trekking to the Thorong La pass sometimes it magically appears Snow leopard, Blue sheep and Himalayan griffon on the way. Finally, we reach to Chuli Ledar lodge 5 hours of continues uphill walk today. We spend overnight in Lodge.

Day 08: Push to Thorong High Camp 4,925 meters (16,158ft), 4 hours of relaxing walk. Stay in lodge:

The trail climbs up through more gentle way  after crossing the suspension bridge over Kone Khola, screed , rock falls zones and frozen streams in winter to new Phedi and Yak and Blue sheep grazing lands. Finally, we ascend uphill for high camp primitive lodge with some difficulty, but the landscape is incomparable. There is a small view point on high camp, from the top, you have a substantial view of Chulu west trekking peak 6,419 meters (21,029ft). It is highly demanded trekking peak in Annapurna classic circuit trekking route. Overnight in lodge with dinner, breakfast with hot drink service like tea and coffee.

 Day 09: Head out early in the morning for Thorong La pass 5,416 meters (17,769ft), and descend to Muktinath 3,760 meters (12,335ft), Stay in lodge:

Today, we get up early in the morning about 05: 00 A.M. for a light breakfast with cup of tea. After breakfast, we head out to climb the famous Thorong La pass 5,416 meters (17,769ft). From high camp the trail climbs and climbs to Thorong La pass 5,416 meters (17,769ft). After continues pushing you 3 to 4 hours of weaving uphill trail, you reach at pass 5,416 meters (17,769ft). The pass is indicated with prayer flags and stone cairns. The pass is usually snowbound from mid December to late February. From the top, the trail steadily drops to Phedi (bottom of hill) the Mustang valley with dry landscape towards us and eye catching views of Khatungkang 6,484 meters (21,273ft). After a continue 2 to 3 hours of steep descending, we break off in Phedi for relaxation and hot lunch. A hot lunch and relaxation off some hours in Phedi we continue descend to Muktinath the shrine place, just few minutes before reach in Muktinath temple dramatically Dhaulagiri Himal appears towards us. And as trek down we will visit Muktinath temple, where is well combination of Hinduism and Buddhism at same place. We spend overnight in lodge.

Day 10: Trek to Jomsom 2,720 meters (8,923ft) 7 hours of downhill walk with splendid dry landscape to Kaligandaki . Stay in lodge:

Departure of Muktinath , leads the trail several times descends to Kaligandaki river sandbar with dry landscape. As you trek down to Jharkot and Kakbeni main entry gate way of upper Mustang valley the views is mind blowing of Oasis, the farmer’s cultivated lands and it’s towards views of Tilicho and Nilgiri. After sightseeing of Kakbeni village we descend to Jomsom the head quarter of Mustang district following the Kaligandaki down River throughout sandy bar. Finally, we reach to Jomsom windy valley walking off 7 to 8 hours from Muktinath. Jomsom is more possibly tourist’s destination in this valley with many subjected of facilities like Hotel, Bank, Shops, Internet, Aero plane flights, Bus, Jeep so on. Today we celebrate our fantastic trek ending day with singing and dancing. Overnight in lodge.

Day 11: Scenic flight; Jomsom to Pokhara 30 minutes 820 meters (2,690ft) transfer to Hotel including breakfast service:

We take a 30 minutes of scenic flight early in the morning form Jomsom to Pokhara with exciting memorable experience as a stunning panoramic view of Annapurna 8,091 meters (26,545ft), Dhaulagiri 8,167 meters (26,794ft), Nilgiri 7,060 meters (23,162ft), Annpurna south 7,219 meters (23,684ft), Machhapuchhare  6,997 meters (22,956ft) and others  mountains and ground’s landscape before your landing in Pokhara airstrip 820 meters (2,690ft). We transfer to hotel in lake side included bed and breakfast service.

Incase got flight cancelled due to the unfriendly weather or any technical problem; we may miss our flight in Jomsom. However, it does not affect our trip much. We can reach to Pokhora in a single day. After getting flight cancellation, we have to catch Jeep to Beni from Jomsom and then Beni to Pokhora by micro bus about 9 to 10 hours to reach Pokhora hotel.

Day 12: Full day sightseeing around Pokhara valley like peace stupa, David falls and International museum:

Pokhara is surrounding by white snow capped mountains and green hills where we can enjoy fortifying outdoor adventure activities in Pokhara having paragliding, boating, cycling, caving and mountain flight. Today we visit around Pokhara valley, peace stupa, International mountain museum, lake side and Mahendra cave.

Day 13: Drive back to Kathmandu 1,350 meters (4,429ft), 6 hours by tourist bus and transfer to Hotel included breakfast service:

After a fabulous Annapurna circuit classic trek we drive back to Kathmandu with a scenic driving of 6 hours from Pokhora by tourist bus. We transfer you to Hotel included breakfast service. In the evening, we pay a visit to Nepali cultured restaurant for farewell dinner.

Day 14: Departure to Home, we drop you off in terminal room of international airport in your flight checking time:

Eventually, we drop you off  at terminal room of international airport in your flight checking time by the private vehicle and say you good bye with family behave.

Note:- The conditions stated in the itinerary are mainly for the trekker who prefer full package service. At the same time, we also serve you based on your choice. The selection of itineraries and the staffs depends on your need and financial procurement. We have options for any partial visit as per your requirement and financial condition.

Cost Details

  • Airport pickup and drop off by tourist vehicle.
  • Three nights’ tourist standard Hotel in Kathmandu sharing room with breakfast service.
  •  Two nights tourist standard Hotel in Pokhora  sharing room with breakfast service.
  • Entry permits:-  ACAP & TIMS fees.
  • Flights:- Jomsom to Pokhora mountain flight.
  • Transportation in Pokhora:- Airport pick up for Hotel and drop off to tourist bus station.
  • One day full valley sightseeing UNESCO world heritage sites Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan with city guide.
  • Transportation: full day Pokhora sightseeing with ground transportations
  • Transportations: Kathmandu to Besishahar Tourist bus and Jeep service to Chame and  Pokhora to Kathmandu tourist bus service.
  • Entry fee of museum and Siddha Cave.
  • Menu on client’s choice, Three times meals in a day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Dessert) with (hot drinks Coffee and Tea).
  • T- house (Lodge trek) accommodations  clean and comfortable.
  • License holder, English speaking, experienced and helpful guide with all his  salary, food, drinks, accommodation, Transport.
  • Assistant trekking guide for group over 8 members in a group with all company’s facilities.
  • Strong and helpful porters with proper equipments.
  • Nepalese staff, Insurance policy covered it rescue evacuation and medical treatment and accidental.
  • Medical supplies (first aid kit will be available).
  • Down filled Jacket (-20*C) and Sleeping bag (-25*C)  (pay extra $2 each item each day).
  • Company's complimetary Duffle bag, Map and Company T- short.  
  • Hot bag services.
  • Government taxes and official expenses.
  • Welcome dinner and farewell dinner in Nepali cultured restaurant.
  • Meals the period of are you stay in Kathmandu/Pokhara Hotel Lunch and Dinner.
  • Personal trekking equipments and gears. For the further information; ask us or look our equipment check list.
  • Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu because of early arrival, late departure, early return from mountain (due to any reason) than the scheduled itinerary.
  • Nepal entry visa fee.
  • Your travel insurance policy should be covered up to 6,000m, such rescue evacuation, medical treatment and accidental .
  • Any entry fee for temple or monastery.
  • Donations or charity. 
  • International airfare.
  • Your personal expenses like, WIFI, telephone, Hot shower, Laundry, Battery charge and shopping etc...
  • Alcoholic and non alcoholic hot and cold drinks.
  • Tips for the guide, porter and driver (tipping is expected).

Useful Info

Himalayan Diamond Adventure is stand-by for all times, the best quality services for our regular clients as well as new guests. We are quite thoughtful with our distinguish trekkers or hikers or Mountaineers joy, fun, and safe trip through our company. We are very aware that only our clients and guests can make a pleasant trip with company’s extensive service and a local professional guide and faithful, and helpful cook and porters. We accompany you with local experienced, faithful, helpful and intelligent good English-speaking guides and porters, informative in all sectors including weather forecast and caring personals.

Guide/ Porter service:

We have a different category of guides, such Porter guides, Trekking guides, Support Climbing guides, Mountain guides, French-speaking guides, German-speaking guide, Chinese speaking guides, Culture tour leaders, as your requirement.

Equipments/ Gears service:

We provide you (-25*C) down-filled sleeping bag and (-20*C) down filled jacket (Pay extra $2 each item each day). For mountaineers if you do not have own climbing gears we will provide you climbing gears on hire at a reasonable price particularly for your convenience, such Union of International Alpinist Association (UIAA) tested gears. Like a Black Diamond, Helmet, Harness, Crampon, Jumar ATC guide or Figure of 8, Ice axe, Carabiners, and La Sportiva alpine boot.

We provide you with sufficient and hygienic meals and dessert with hot drinks as your choice and book clean and comfortable rooms (hotel) on a mountain in advance of your trip in mountain lodges.

Packaging trips service:

There are more than 300 different trekking routes and 326 peaks open for climbing including 20 royalty free peaks. Climbing peaks have been divided in 3 categories: A, B and C. in Nepal, we will help you to organize the trip according to your time, budget and choice. We organize trip for especial solitary (alone) personal as well as packaged trip for big group.

Our Extra services:

We also help you to get permits, hiring trekking equipments and other related services i.e. bus reservation, airplane ticketing, and hotel booking in Kathmandu and in Mountain.

The conditions stated in the itinerary are especially for the trekker who prefer full package service. At the same time, we also customize itinerary based on your choice and time. The selection of itineraries and the staffs depends on your need and financial procurement. We have options for any partial visit as per your requirement and financial condition.